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What Is an Accident Reconstructionist?

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As you pursue damages after a car accident, you might wonder what kind of evidence you will need to prove your case. The good news is that your car accident lawyer will have recommendations based on the details of the crash, as lawyers often turn to other professionals for help strengthening a claim.

More specifically, your lawyer might hire an accident reconstructionist to assist with your case. Accident reconstruction focuses on finding and analyzing data that can determine how and why the accident occurred. Take a look at how this process works and why you might need an accident reconstructionist for your case.

What Does an Accident Reconstructionist Do After a Car Crash?

When your car accident attorney hires an accident reconstructionist, the goal is typically to find out which driver caused the crash and how it happened. This requires the accident reconstructionist to collect a variety of data for analysis to determine the following details:

  • How fast the vehicles involved were driving
  • Whether a driver ran a red light or stop sign
  • Whether a driver made an unsafe lane change or turn
  • The condition of the roads at the time of the crash
  • The condition of the cars involved, including vehicle defects or improper maintenance

Finding these answers may give your case the evidence necessary to identify the at-fault driver and pursue damages. If you think an accident reconstructionist could help your case, be sure to hire a lawyer who has worked with these professionals before.

What Information Does an Accident Reconstructionist Use to Form Their Opinion?

In the best case, an accident reconstructionist will have access to the scene of the accident to gather all evidence from the crash. However, this is not always possible, as the accident scene typically gets cleaned up quickly. The good news is that you can collect evidence to give your lawyer to hand off to the accident reconstructionist.

Some evidence that will help an accident reconstructionist includes photos and videos of the damage to your car and your injuries. You should also photograph the crash scene as a whole, as traffic signals and skid marks on the ground can tell an accident reconstructionist how the accident occurred. This professional can also get access to traffic camera footage, black boxes, your medical records, and witness statements.

What Can an Accident Reconstructionist Do for Your Case?

You might find that the at-fault driver who hit your car refuses to admit they caused the crash. They might even claim that you’re the at-fault driver. When this happens, it’s best to have hard evidence on your side, such as results from an accident reconstructionist’s investigation.

This can prove that the other driver made a careless decision on the road that caused them to crash into your car, resulting in property damage and injuries. If this sounds beneficial for your case, talk to a car accident lawyer who works with accident reconstructionists. Contact our law office today at (713) 489-4270 to start your case.

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