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Can I Make A Claim As A Passenger If I’m Injured In A Car Accident?

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Fortunately, the state of Texas does provide legal options for passengers who are injured in a car accident. Being in a crash is not a pleasant experience, especially if you played no role in causing it. It can be a life changing event with permanent implications for anyone involved. Since recovering a fair amount of compensation in an injury claim is often difficult, you may wish to consider speaking to an experienced Houston car accident attorney at the Milano Legal Group PLLC. We offer a free consultation, contact us today.

How to File a Passenger Accident Claim in Houston, Texas

How you file a claim as a passenger involved in a car accident, will depend on who was at fault. Once the insurance companies of each party make that determination, you can file your claim against the liable driver’s insurer.

When Your Driver Is Responsible

In most cases, injured passengers can collect damages from the driver of the vehicle they are in. It may seem uncomfortable to pursue a claim if the driver is a relative or a friend, but keep in mind it is the insurance company that will compensate you for your losses. There is an exception, however, if you are members of the same household. Most insurance policies will then prohibit the filing of a passenger injury claim.

When Another Driver Is Responsible

When a different driver is found at fault for causing the accident, a passenger injury claim can be pursued against their insurer.

When Both Drivers Are Responsible

When both drivers share liability, passengers still have the right to collect compensation from each party. As long as the amounts awarded do not collectively add up to more than the amount of damages the claim is worth.

The state of Texas sets a limit of two years on the amount of time you have to file an injury claim. If you wait too long and miss that window, you lose the legal right to pursue compensation.

What Damages Can I Recover in a Passenger Injury Claim?

A personal injury attorney can help you pursue the following types of damages and expenses related to your car accident case:

  • Past and future medical costs and expenses.
  • Lost wages and loss of future earning capacity.
  • Loss of affection and companionship.
  • Disability or loss of normal life.
  • Disfigurement.
  • Pain and suffering, including physical, mental and emotional distress experienced in the past and what you will continue to suffer from in the future.

Every accident claim and its estimated value are unique. When you meet with an injury lawyer at our firm, we can help give you an idea of your case’s worth.

Speak to an Experienced Passenger Injury Attorney in Houston

Our car accident lawyers at the Milano Legal Group PLLC know how to help passengers deal with multiple insurance company claims. We will do everything in our power to hold the responsible parties accountable and obtain the maximum amount of compensation. To learn more, call (713) 489-4270 or send us an email to arrange a free consultation.

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