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Do I Need a Lawyer After a Truck Accident?

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If a semi-truck hit your car, you’re going to need a lawyer for the chance to collect the compensation you deserve. Granted, a lawyer is recommended after any motor vehicle accident, as you’re urged to explore the damages you may be entitled to.

But a lawyer is especially advised in truck accident cases. This is because these cases are usually more complex than average, and the stakes are higher due to the severity of injuries and property damage. Take a look at why you need a truck accident lawyer, and then set up a consultation at a local law firm to start your case.

Is There More Than One Liable Party?

In most truck accidents, the truck driver is one of a few parties that could be liable for the accident. While the driver may have caused the crash due to an error in judgment, such as drowsy or distracted driving, someone else may have contributed to this decision.

For example, the driver’s employer could have promised rewards if the driver drove several hours in a row without sleeping, leading to driver fatigue. Similarly, someone else in the truck could have distracted the driver, or the truck’s brakes might have failed.

These situations could mean others are liable for the crash, ranging from the trucking company to the truck manufacturer. In that case, you’ll be grateful to have a truck accident lawyer to handle your complicated claim.

What Evidence Do You Need?

You should always take pictures of the accident scene after a truck crash. This way, your lawyer will have proof of your injuries and vehicle damage. However, some evidence will be difficult for you to acquire, so it’s better to let your attorney gather it.

For example, your truck accident claim may depend on details you can only get from the driver’s logbook, GPS device, or semi-truck maintenance records. You might also need access to the driver’s driving record and blood test results to determine if they have a history of negligence or were impaired. It’s much easier for an experienced car accident lawyer to collect this information than for accident victims.

What’s the Cost of Your Damages?

Finally, truck accident claims tend to involve a lot of money, more than the average car accident claim. This is because large, heavy vehicles usually cause more damage to passenger cars and their drivers than smaller vehicles. As a result, your injuries might be severe, requiring major surgery and years of rehabilitation.

You may have also lost a loved one in a fatal truck accident, in which case you’ll need compensation for wrongful death. You will likely have to buy a new car due to the extreme damage to your vehicle, as well. This is why your claim will probably be worth too much to handle alone, so contact our law office today at (713) 489-4270 to hire a lawyer.

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